Hello ladies and gentleman!

Today I bring another status update!

There's a lot more compared to last time but before we delve into the well of madness.

I would like to thank you for the 50k views on the website! I'm glad that so many people decided to see the pages of this silly website!

Let us begin the status update now


Let's start it off with the big stuff!

I made a new page to replace my rawg.io account! Rawg.io is cool and all but it was too annoying to work with as a library of games I played. So I made the decision to make my own page for that! It's called Game Shelf and you can find it by clicking on it or going to the misc page! It’s incomplete at the moment though, it's something I'm going to slowly add overtime.

The fruit tier list was updated to reflect my new and more refined sense of taste. It now holds my current correct opinions. Click here to see it!

Pudd in heaven.

I also wrote about a new dream I had recently. It was a pretty wacky and funny one as to be expected. You can go read by clicking here!

So I got 1 of the 2 things I talked about in my last status update. I'll still get the next chapter of Phoenix Club by the end of the month, don't worry!

For some minor things, I did a doodle of Sakurako Ohmuro from Yuru Yuriby the request of Miya!

Sakurako being Sakurako.

It was added to the art page like all other doodles!

And lastly, I added a button and a few stamps for my collection.

That concludes website news!


I have been on a gaming spree these past 10 days! I played and completed a lot of games, let's start in chronological order.

First on the list is Team Fortress 2, I have been playing the Summer Update a lot recently, I have played a lot of this game in the past, one of my favorite games of all time actually. But in the past few years my love for this game began to decay due to the ill treatment by the company behind the game. This update has changed that, it reminded me why TF2 is so much fun and it's so refreshing! I have enjoyed every match I played and got to see the famous seal!

The seal is just as cute as everyone says.

I was lucky enough to even play as the overpowered Saxton Hale in the new game mode introduced by the update: Vs. Saxton Hale.

Fighting over 20 people at once is super fun and I have a video of the experience here:

The next game I played was a little old game called Recettear. I had this game for years in my steam library and only recently I checked it out. It's a little fun about a little girl and her fairy companion managing a store in order to pay her missing father's debt! The story is… interesting to say the least, the characters are very silly and what you expect from a game over 15 years old, which is fun characters!

She's very good at making signs!

The gameplay consists of bargaining with customers so you two can find an equal ground on a price while still making profit. You get things to sell playing a top down dungeon crawler or buying from other people in the village! It's very fun! I recommend it.

Capitalism, Ho!

Next up is a small short horror indie game calledThe Adventures of Catto Boi.

The game is about a little cat going through a level collecting things as fast as possible! Yup that's it, nothing else hidden in the shadows! Nothing, trust me! :)

This is fine!

Marching on, I played a little cute game called Luna's Fishing Garden! A small, very adorable game about fishing and making an empire of leaves and sticks. The game is very short and sweet, I recommend you check it out!

Continuing on, the Bomberman Journey continues! I finished Super Bomberman 4 which was… a very interesting entry in this series, it was very polished but it felt a little too samey? I don’t know how to explain, my guess is that I played 3 Bomberman games back to back and this one felt uninspired. Super Bomberman 5 though, that one is fire! It was the one I most enjoyed in my childhood and nowadays is no different! I’m having a blast 100%ing it. Check the funny moment I had while playing it below:

The next stop is… Honkai: Star Rail! As mentioned last time, Star Rail have secured their claws in me and I have finished seeing the continuation of the main story quest aaaaaaand… It was great! Although the 3rd planet’s story dragged towards the middle, I still enjoyed what it had to offer. I also have over 150 gacha tickets stored all for the next banner! Not for Kafka, I’m going for the 4 star named Luka! I’m a huge fan of really big robotic arms and he looks really cool!

Taking a selfie with my budd dragon on the background, god he's so silly!

And last but not least, the most recent thing is the ending of the Unturned map I was playing with my friend! After a week of dying and starting from zero over and over again, we decided to finally change the difficulty from Hard to Normal and oh man. This made the game go so much faster, we got loot that would’ve taken more than 3 days to get in just a few hours! We pretty much went from 0 to finish the map in just one day with that change and I enjoyed it. The map had a story but I didn’t pay much attention to it if I can be honest. The gameplay was fun but never try it on Hard mode! It's only pain!

The last drive before the end.

And that’s it!

It was quite a lot and kind of hectic. The next upcoming days I’ll be busier than usual with some life stuff so expect less things for the month of August!

The music of the day is Unfinished Business from Xenoblade Chronicles, a very dramatic and well composed song by the great Yoko Shimomura as always!



The 15th has arrived and with it a new status update!

Not many things happened during the last 10 days but don't worry! I'll still find a way to extend it to a 900+ words essay~


I have made a handful of things for the website this time but I'll leave the most meaningful addition for last. Let's start with the smaller stuff!

First off, we got minor optimizations and additions to the backend of the website. The usual fixing mistakes I did early on in coding and implementing new things I learned!

Pudd reading "How to code" book (she doesn't know how to read).

The next thing is Pudd Tamagotchi! I wanted to add a Gifypet for a long time but just forgot a lot of times to do it lol. There's one issue with the implementation of it, I wanted to customize the Javascript and make it so Pudd would have custom assets. But I could never get the modified Javascript to work, tried everything I knew, which is not a lot, and got no success. So it was decided to just put it without any custom assets, I hope one day I can get it to work.

And now for the big show stopper!

Letter's Shadow finale! That's right, the very first writing project to be finished! As I said before, this project was a great way to learn about writing. For a first, well, technically second writing adventure, I think I did a decent enough job. There's only one thing I want to do with that project still, which is commissioning an artist to make a drawing of the final scene. It's not a high priority though, so it won't happen for a long time.

Pudd being told to do the shadow scene.

That's it for website updates, but I wanted to say a few more things about the future!

My goals for this month is to release a new chapter of phoenix club and finish the dream page. Let's see if I can get both of those by the next status update!


The very first event is a natural continuation of the last update. After Trash Taste binge was over, Youtube recommended me videos of the people that host the podcast. One of these recommendations was a 4 day, 12 hour live stream of a RV Trip around Japan with Cdawg and a couple of his friends. That has been so much fun to see, they all bounce off each other so well and it's very funny regardless of what they do! I finished the vods of day 1 to 3. Yet to start day 4, it seems they will be shooting each other with airsoft guns in an arena. Seems fun!

I got back to playing Honkai: Star Rail, This time the game got his claws around me, I was fully captured by the game! A very enjoyable time was spent with it and continues to be spent

Clara stares at you.

I also did the unthinkable! I spent money on the gacha game! Before you start yelling, here's my philosophy on spending money in a free-to-play game: I only spend money after spending a lot of time playing the game and enjoying it. When the spend happens, I only give the amount of money I would've spent to buy the game if it was a premium game. If the game continues to be fun and impressing me, then I'll do another spending.

In the case of Star Rail I bought the 30 day currency pass and only that! I do like the feeling of rolling for gacha but I have self control to not spend my hard earned money just because I didn't get the character I wanted. Which has been happening a lot, my rolls so far have been REALLY BAD LMAO. I got way too many lightcones and only 2 5 star character!

Moving on from bad gambling, I continued the Bomberman Journey by finishing Super Bomberman 3 which was pretty fun and by far the most polished one out of all 3 I replayed at the moment lol.

Resprite of Bomberman as Pudd

And last but not least, I have sacrificed sleep and most of my freetime playing a new community update for Unturned!

I have a lot of history with this game and the new community map, Buak, somehow managed to flip this knowledge on its head. In this map, survival is not hard but thriving is really hard! The powerful things and tools are all ones you have to put work to obtain, they don't spawn randomly on the map. So you have to destroy objects in houses, markets and fight off strong zombies to get resources to make them!

I found this inside one of the houses of the map

Me and a good friend of mine have been playing for pretty much over 20 hours at the moment and there's still a lot we need to do! One of the funny things that have been happening is us being murdered by wild animals countless times. So much so that we now fear any bears, wolves and goats we see because they run faster than us and will kill us with just a few attacks! They are OP!

My friend did not make it back and fell

Go play Unturned it's a super fun free game!

The song of the day is another duo! but from the same singer! NO LOVE SONG and The End Of The World from Emi Necozawa, a very underground singer, go check their songs out! These songs give me a feeling of nostalgia and comfort! I still can't believe I discovered this singer by a random youtube recommendation that had less than 100 views!



Here we are!

Season 2 of "Pud-


Another 5th day Status Update!

Let's begin.


We got a couple of big things new to the website.

Starting off with a new secret! Not made by me though. I have added a new secret that Miya made, it's part of our crossover! I did one for his website too so go find mines on his and his on mines!

Pudd cosplaying as Miya.

The next event on the timeline is the Midyear Recap! In that page I recap the events of the past 6 months with a bit of jokes and funnies. It is also how I'm gonna model the future of Status Updates. What do I mean by that?

Basically I'm gonna include more pictures and a doodle made by me. You still get huge blocks of text but you get with pictures! (x2)

There's one thing I neglected to talk about on it: I made a youtube playlist with all the songs recommended in a Status Update! Like all of them! Click here to go check it out and listen to some jams!!!

Speaking of doodles, I also created another page for the museum that includes my doodles, Digital Page! I can't draw well but it's fun to doodle.

To finish this section, I made some minor tweaks and adjusted the main page's left sidebar to be more of a news thing instead of including a billion amounts of text.


I haven't been doing much lately.

Been binge watching a podcast called Trash Taste, a really fun anime podcast that doesn't talk about anime and has very funny hosts. I have been learning a lot about Japanese culture and they make the idea of visiting that country for a few days a very appealing one.

But I am known for being a multitasker, so while watching it, I have been playing a lot of Terraria! So much so that I actually finished my playthrough of the Thorium Mod

This is the NPC hotel I made!

I also made the deliberate decision to fight the Frost Legion for no reason other than killing Snowman!

This image shows a population about to be massacred by my Terrablade.

If you want my world or character or even the modpack I used, I archived it in this Google Drive account!

The combination of both podcast and Terraria has brought a lot of calm to my time~~

And so, as any sane human would, I picked Neon White back up. I'm almost done with it and it has been a blast to continue playing it

The actual reason I picked back up was because my friend Miya started playing and beating my times, and so I declared war on them and started beating their times.

Pudd and Miya fighting, little does she know…

I had plans of making a page for tracking all our times to see who's the better one at the game but…

It became clear, very quickly, how much better Miya is at everything I do. So I ended up losing before it even began lol.

I ended up giving money for them to buy Bloons Tower Defense 6 out of my own spite. They used the money to buy RPG Maker VX ACE instead. So I ended up losing all battles I fought…

ANYWAY, the last thing I have engaged with is picking up Honkai: Star Rail again, that has been pretty fun. I thought I wouldn't like the story of the second planet, but so far it has been very enjoyable! I also spent an unhealthy amount of time on the museum minigame.

The song of day is another duo (I do a lot of those huh)! The songs are Fall in the Dark by ShibayanRecords, a super groovy 10 minute song! The other one is Shirazushirazu from Neko Hacker! A song that is a jam that blessed my ears only an year after a friend recommended!