Third Time's The Charm

I was at home with my family, they all seemed excited to tell me something. They begin speaking and... Their words were complete nonsense. Like they grabbed random words of their lives and put them together in one place calling a sentence. Even though I heard things that made no sense, I somehow still understood what they said and got excited. We were going on a 30 day trip to Japan!

Some time passed and there I was leaving the airport of Japan but for an unknown reason, the airport was outside of the city. It was barely visible from the airport, only a long straight road connecting both of them. The environment around this road was very unusual, it was an empty desert going from here to there. Very similar to those deserts you see in wild west movies that were just copy and pasted here.

During this time, the rest of my family began their trip on this road without me, so I had to go by car on my own behind them… That's what I would say but they were already so far ahead that, without breaking any laws, there was no hope of me catching up with them. So my journey through this excessively long drive through this empty desert begins.

Nothing really happens on the way, as one would expect until I notice that the road splits in 3 a little bit ahead. The right one went underground, the middle one just went straight forward and the left one was slightly raised above the others. What baffled me is that they all reconnect further and become one road again. What is the purpose of this split of path if they are going to the same place???

I decided to pick the slightly elevated path, it didn't matter what I picked anyway. The way mild at best, the climb wasn't high or steep enough to be exciting or shallow and flat enough to be boring, just mid. On the way down, something changed. The city ahead… was gone. It was just the road going endlessly forward, behind me was the same view, the airport and the split path was gone too. The scenery around repeating non stop, it seemed like I was stuck in an infinite loop. This started to make me panic but before I could fully enter that state, I'm suddenly teleported back to the airport. But not the one I just exited from, it was the airport back in my home country. I was back at the start for reasons beyond my comprehension and frustrated. It was fine though, I had enough money to buy one flight back and that's exactly what I do. Another long flight here I go…

Back the 3 way split again, I knew this time that it was very fishy and to never go left so I picked right. Right is always right… right? It went underground for just a mere 5 minutes, such a short tunnel for reasons that only god knows. Just like last time, something changed when exiting the tunnel. The scene around me completely changed again. The once empty desert was now green full of flowers and plants and the 3 way split was replaced with the straight road. At least there was a city ahead… THAT WAS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TO THE ONE I WAS GOING FOR. Yup! I was at a place I didn't know AGAIN! My frustration grew and like reality itself was taunting and mocking me, in a blink of an eye, I was teleported back to the airport of my home country.

I didn't have enough money to buy another flight and try again. I was completely defeated, that single 3 way road beat me and completely demolished my pride. I just became a mannequin, standing there in the doors of the airport thinking of nothing really. Until my phone rang and snapped me back to reality, it was my family. Like last time they only spoke nonsensical things but somehow I understood what they said. They were asking about me and how they are enjoying the city. I explained my situation and somehow they understood it and gave me money to buy another flight! The fight was not over! I was given another chance by fate to overcome this powerful beast, my last chance.

Back at last on the 3 way split, there's only one way left to go, the middle path. I could feel the 3 way split laughing at me, shining a radiant aura of arrogance that made me want to take it down from their high throne so much more. I almost forgot it was just a road. Going on the middle path, I expected the worst, I was expecting things to change around me and lead my vehicle directly to a cliff, but I was ready and determined to beat this 3 way split. I was not going to lose this time! Opening my eyes, I was surprised to see that… nothing happened. I look back and see that the 3 way split was gone, although strange, everything was still the same! The city ahead is the one I wanted to go to, the desert is still the same, I won! I have slayed the beast! I was victorious!!!

With a new found vigor I continue forward to the city.

In the city, I found myself in a dingy alley with many small stores around me. I couldn't read the kanji at the signs so I had to guess what they were about. Stores here don't have windows to showcase what's inside the store after all. This alley had an end though, it was broken by a very big and deep hole at the end. There was some water falling down to that hole, it was like watching a waterfall from above. No one around seemed indifferent to it so I guess it was a normal sight and continued on with my day. Eventually I stopped having common sense and just entered a store, it had a glowing kanji sign so that means good right?

To my surprise, this place was a very small game store! It's a place I wanted to visit! It had a variety of old and vintage video games from a lot of different eras. The clerk even knew how to speak English and they spoke it very well, it was the perfect place for me! But there was something off when I looked outside from the window in the store. The outside was completely different from the rest of the city. It was also completely empty, not a single sign of people or even cars, just an empty street with open stores.

I didn't let this weird thing bother me too much and continued to enjoy my time at the store…


After that I just woke up! This dream was definitely a funny one, it had hardship and a villain that… was just a road… huh.

There's nothing really for me to add other than dreams really are weird.