Hello traveler of the internet!

Thank you for stopping by!

And welcome to my cove powered by pudding and Neocities!

A place of joy and silliness.

A website full of things I find fun and a little piece of me implanted in the vast lands of the internet!

My name is Pudding, and I'm your guide!

Let me show you how everything works around here.

Above this big block of text you got links to go to different topics I wrote about:

About - You are here! Here you can read about the website and me!

Games - On that page you can read about what I like in video games and my favorite games!

Anime/Manga - In this one, it's pretty much the same thing but with Anime and Manga!

Blog - This page is where, every 5th, 15th and 25th day of the month I update with a big block of text discussing things that changed around the website, artistic endeavors, recommend one-shots AND to talk about things I have done. So a Blog basically!

Misc - Here you can see a bunch of pages that didn't fit with the others. An assortment of random pages and things I made for fun!

Guestbook - You can leave a sign on the guestbook before you leave! Tell me whatever you like, I'm always happy to read whatever you wrote!

Links - This is the exit! You can go there to find other websites from Neocities that I had fun exploring. Go check them out, they all deserve love too!

You may be asking questions about the thing on the side(bottom of the page if you are on mobile.) with bright colors and links to click, that's the news section! That's where I post short news blurbs of blog updates and new chapters for my original stories.

And that's everything about the main pages!

Or is it?

There's plenty of secrets to be found in these pages! How you may ask? Well, they are secret links hidden within slightly different colored words.

Such as this one!

Have fun finding the many secret pages!

Also, apologies in advance for coding mistakes, this whole coding thing still feels like magic to me, I had no prior coding experience before this website. I learned everything on the fly (bashing my head against a wall until I figured it out), so there might be roughness around the edges.

Now that I finished explaining how everything works, time to explain a little bit about myself. In case you want to know about the webmaster!

I'm just your regular internet traveler, belongs in no fandoms and hops around from thing to thing lurking in the shadows.

But I'm by no means bland, I have a lot of cool interests such as:

    I enjoy playing games! I also enjoy them while listening to music! Or listening to a 2+ hour video while playing it!


    Watch this one, I enjoy watching anime and reading manga!

These are not very unique…


Oh, I know!

Here some actual interesting one facts:

    I like writing! The process of coming up with a story and details are very fun to me.

    I enjoy walking in the city I live in, such a good vibe and looking around is so relaxing.

    I enjoy grapes, I REALLY enjoy GRAPES! By far the best fruit!

    The experience of dreaming is one I enjoy a lot. Exploring a world created by your mind is such an interesting thing.

How about those fun facts huh?

Those are more interesting, but I have held out one piece of fact from you traveler.

I have an OC, her name is Pudd! Look at her ->

skrunkly saying hi to you, please be mean to her

Pixel Art, Art and Design made by Miya, PLEASE VISIT THEIR LOVELY WEBSITE!

She is a skrunkle, but don't get too close, she may bite you.

You are allowed to be mean to Pudd however.

And that concludes the introduction to the webmaster and his website. Have a good day and nice stay traveler!

The contents of this page have been HIJACKED by me, LOLO!

You will be denied of all the things on this page and I'll BAN Pudd from appearing!

Yes, yes, I have returned once more for vengeance against my rival PUDD!

If you want to know how I achieved such an impressive feat like this, just head to the blog page and learn about my genius plan to infiltrate and eventually Hijack this page using a disguise!