Book For Guests!

Welcome to the book for guests!

Feel free to leave a sign on it!

It can be whatever!

I'm always happy to see new signs on it!

I'll try to be very diligent in answering them!

Check out the previous version of the guestbook by clicking the Pudd below!

All the signs are still archived!

Pudd reading the guestbook (she's pretending to know how to read)

Art made by Miya.

The contents of this page have been HIJACKED by me, LOLO!

You will be denied of all the things on this page and I'll BAN Pudd from appearing!

Yes, yes, I have returned once more for vengeance against my rival PUDD!

If you want to know how I achieved such an impressive feat like this, just head to the blog page and learn about my genius plan to infiltrate and eventually Hijack this page using a disguise!

Guestbook? How about Invaderbook! Haha!