Once again the 10th day update!

But this time changed to every 5th day cause it lines up better with other dates!

And 5 is a prettier number then 6 TBH.

Any way, I have added very few things theses past few days, mostly were quality of life and few password pages.

But theses days have been passing very fast, I got jumpscared by my calender when I saw today was the 25th already!


I'm Very happy about that, Thank you Adilene!

The Song of the day is: SEKAI-chan to KAFU-chan no Otsukai Gassoukyoku, Which I will not spoil, It's just amazing.

Funny Song, I Laughed


Hi hi hi!

It is time for the 10ish daily status update!

I finally got around to do an idea of spreading passwords around the website secrets.

It's gonna be fun and I'll give you a special button if you get the correct passwords!

If you want to go directly to the password page without searching for it Click Me!

Talking about buttons, I got a new button that is miles superior to the previous one! But if you want you can still check it out with this password: I TOTALLY DIDNT MAKE THIS IN 5 MINUTES

( 04/01/2023: This password feature does not exist anymore, clicking the link will take you to the button page )

Work on the website will slowdown due to work tho!

For the song of the 10th day, I chooooooose: Tokitoshite Violence, It's an opening song for an anime I have been enjoying a lot, Dropkick On My Devil, Go watch it!

Very Fun Show


And so, the halloween curtains, that have brought many spookles, comes to a close.

Hello again!

Some cool things happend past few weeks and I'll share them here!

First, I made some changes on the website, updated a few pages so it would be less laggy, and completely changed the idea of the "Reviews" page.

In my head it was a better idea, but when putting to practice it was very too much work for not much fun.

That page will be an place where I link other pages that do what I wanted to but much better lol.

Second, I gave a friend what I assume is a Maid Obsession, by recommending 3 manga about maids back to back.

That was very funny.

And to finish this status update, the music of the day is What Sort of Ending Are You Wishing For?, Which is an amazing song!

May Have Cried At This