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Stone Ocean Opening 2 Changes

Light Spoilers Ahead!

For those who don't know, most Jojo openings don't exactly follow the mold of "put it on the start and that's it", the openings change at one point. Most of these points are at the climax of the story, the point where the villain is winning. The villain of the part completely takes over the opening to reflect the story, all hope is lost!

Stone Ocean is no different. When I was watching the last episode's opening and saw Dio's Children weren't cast in shadow I was like: "OH SHIT IT CHANGED!!!" (I didn’t even notice 「Weather Report」’s past not being cloudy anymore. Then the scene transitions to the clock at the prison that is going ballistic, the power of Made In Heaven, speeding up time. Hype builds until the opening is interrupted by Jotaro stopping time. The strongest Stand user we know is here to save the day! He did it twice, he can do it a third time! I almost screamed when this happened! "HELL YEAH, LET'S GO, JOTARO SAVE THE DAY!" I thought, but then time resumed, the dread feeling sinking in, he was unable to do anything during his time stop. He turns to the screen, confused and scared, the camera zooming out from him as the villain appears. This undefeatable hero was small compared to Pucci. Jotaro is about to get killed as the screen fades to dark, the sounds of 「Made In Heaven」corrupting the song of the opening. There was no hope. The villain truly won…

But then the song picks back up.

The singer screaming:


As the first Jojo opening fades into action!

We see the start of Sono Chi No Sadame, but in reverse! Animated manga shots from Jonathan to Giorno to introduce Jolyne!

The Destiny of that Blood, Jolyne!

She's at the Joestar Mansion but everything starts to fall apart as she looks up and sees Pucci. The tension continues to rise as the once ballad song turns to desperation. It's the End of the WORLD but Jolyne here to stop it.

And then begins another scene of going through all the Joestars, similar to Stand Proud, with Joylne’s strings guiding the camera as each makes their iconic sounds until it reaches Jolyne as the singer screams "DESTINY IS MINE!", and she begins to take action.

The mansion, no, universe crumbling around them! Pucci and Jolyne standing in front of each other. Jolyne attacks Pucci, mimicking the ending of Sono Chi No Sadame with Jonathan and Dio. Exploding in a Big Bang of light to show the title of the anime.

Jolyne is the first character we see in a Jojo opening and the last one.

And even if the universe is falling apart, the Joestars will still fight for justice.

After the opening ended, I was a mix of crying, hype and everything in between on the verge of screaming while clapping.

I have watched these openings so many times, I couldn’t take it anymore. Seeing all of this was one of the hypest moments in any fiction I experienced. I’m so glad I stuck with this series for as long as I did.

The name of the song, Heaven’s Falling Down is such a good thematic name too!