Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday full of food, shiny lights and fireworks!

I won't take too much time out of your day (mostly because I haven't been doing much lately!) so let's begin!


A lot of Small Things have been added so let's go through them at a rapid pace!

I have made the page for the Games I Played in 2023. I played many games, some good, some bad, some very fun, but only one game can be the game of the year, and that award went to… Pizza Tower! That is my game of the year nomination!

Trudd has arrived

That was the major thing within the small things, the other additions were a handful of secrets and 26 new images for the R.M.I.H.

And that's it!

No really, that's all the changes that took place in the past 10 days!

Very dry, I know, but work has been very time consuming so you can't blame me!

But to not feel too dry, I'll share some Phoenix Club updates!

Some amount of progress has been made in the side story I have been mentioning for the entire month, but it won’t come out this month. I decided to delay it for next month so I can rest!

I also made the decision to add 2 panels to each chapter, it's 2 little CGs depicting the beginning and end of the chapter respectively. I think this will help a lot for visual clarity, and it's a good way to show off the characters! This addition will be costly however, since I'm gonna commission other people to do it, my art is not great for that…

"Hmmm? Yes I'm Pudd, why do you ask?"

And that's everything I wanted to say!

Let's hop to the next segment!


Densha Monogatari

Train Story

This will be a very unorthodox one-shot of the day of the day, the featured entry is quite unique!

This One-shot features no dialogue! That's right, it's all told via character expression, scenes and the beautiful art it has!

Giving a synopsis, the art and presentation and why you should read it would take away a lot from the heartwarming experience, so I won't!

But you should read it!

Score: 5/5! Very cute and heartwarming!


Not too much to see here too, well, except for one thing! Let's go in chronological order though.

Risk of Rain Returns… Returns!

Yes, this saga is not over yet, it's close to be over!

I finished the remaining challenges left to crown, they weren't too bad, some of them were quite fun actually! But there can't be fun without evil lurking in the shadows…

Imagine my happiness completing the final challenge, only to see the challenge screen move down and show another challenge unlocking…

The dreadful realization.

This challenge is quite different from the others, it's a gauntlet, you can pick any character, the game gives you a choice of 3 strong items and sends you off to an arena to kill a certain number of enemies, after doing that you get another choice of items and…

I don't know what happens next! I have only done one wave and consistently failed the second! I can already tell more torture is due for this challenge…

So I have been doing something else, completing individual character achievements! They are super time consuming because of bs RNG but they are fun overall.

Late game returns! More than 2 hours in a single run because of bad RNG!

Next is Reading Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run!

So, as a Jojo enthusiast, I knew a lot about this part, but never actually stopped to read it… So I decided to change that!

I don't have much to say about it, I'm still 30 chapters in, but I can say that it's super interesting, well made and fun to read!

The characters feel very deep too!!

Definitely deserves all the praise it has gotten so far!!!

This particular scene was funny.

I have also been reading School Zone Girls!

This is my personal highlight of the past few days, but first some backstory!

I found this manga via an youtube recommendation, this video:

The first 3 minutes of the video was enough to sell me on the manga! Yup, just 3 minutes!!

So how was my experience reading it?

Well, I had to describe this manga with one word, that word would be “Normal”. (The actual word is unhinged, it's not normal.)

If I had multiple words to describe it, then it would be “One of the most unhinged and unbelievably funny mangas I have ever read!”

The characters are on a whole other level of funny and super expressive, the scenarios they get themselves into are hilarious and the art being really good just puts the cherry on top of this cake!

This manga has skyrocketed to one of my favorites of all time!

Please go read it, I'm begging!

Careful with gut-busting comedy though!! Make sure your guts can handle it!

I love these skrunkles!

The girl at the bottom of the second panel is my favorite character!

And now for the last topic for today: Genshin Impacted Me by Making Me Navialess!

With 100 wishes saved, I have entered the gacha battlefield again, my aim was to get Navia and her weapon!

You can tell by the title what happened, I DIDN'T GET IT!!!



I lost my Navia 50/50 to Mona, making it my 4th copy of her…

At least I have a cool sword now.

I can't be too mad, that's how gacha is, you can't win all the time, at some point there will be a fall.

There's still hope though, I lost pretty early on, so I got a pretty high pity post loss, I need about 20-30 rolls to get my guaranteed Navia. Her weapon is lost cause however…

This would've been Navia, if I had her…

And that's everything for this segment!


The song of the day is You're Telling Me A SHRIMP Fried This Rice!? by Jamie Page!

This is such a cute and fun song, with bouncy and catchy lyrics. I really enjoy this song, despite my allergy to shrimp. You can tell that the people making it had a lot of fun too, that's always so good to see too.

I remember when she was just a Miku drawing by Rice, look how far our favorite shrimp has come!

I made a home-cooked meal~

full of everything I feel~

and I send my love~

through the searing stainless steel~

(Very catchy!)

And that’s all for this somewhat, maybe very little, festive blog update!

This update was written a day before Christmas, so I really wish y'all christmas has been great, as for me, I’ll probably continue to do the the same thing I have always done for Christmas:

Giving present to many of my friends as I can give and spend the day resting the soul away~~

And for you the reader, thank you for reading my silly blog! It means the most to me, and to be honest, that’s enough of a Christmas present to me!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

See you next year traveler!

Have a nice day!


Hey you, yes you there!

Hello and welcome to another blog update!

I got a good amount of cool and interesting things to share today!

Let's begin right away!


Beginning with the biggest thing added to the website, A Present for You!

It's located at the corner of the screen in case you didn't notice, click it to see what happens!

I'll wait for you to click it :)

Wait time is over!

That's right, this is the new and improved Christmas Theme from last year!

Using the new, and much better, theme system I made up a few months ago for halloween, the process of making a theme has never been this easier!

We got christmas colors, snowflakes and a tiny christmas tree at the left corner for fun!

I wanted to change the door at the entrance of the cove too, but it was a little too hard for my brain to figure out how to do gifs…


The christmas tree is full this time!

That's the show stopper for now, but there's A Couple of Minor Things Added!

The misc pages now have a Resources section with links to things I find cool or used on my own website!

The Pudd Padoru was updated to have shading, because I forgot to do that last time! (lol)

And lastly, I have a sneak peak image on the Games I Played this Year tier list!

Here how it looks:

2023 Tier list.

I doubt that my opinions will change, so what you saw will probably be the final version of it! Also Yes, Pizza Tower is my personal Game of the Year!

Expect that tier list to be added to the website before the next blog update!

Please don't eat it, it's poisonous!

That's everything new/ changed on the website!

Time for the next segment!


Kirika-sama wa Kishi ni Naritai

One-shot made by Harushion.

Synopsis: Kirika is trying her best to impress the person she holds so dear, for that to happen she has to become a knight…!?

Art and presentation: The art is so freaking adorable! It makes all the scenes look so pretty and cuuuuuute, while also maintaining a high level of quality, I loved it a lot!

Why you should read it: It's a super cute love story. Kirika goes through a lot of quirky and fun situations trying to impress her most beloved person and it's very heartwarming to see.

That's why you should read it!

Score: 5/5! Blessed love story!


Let's begin!

We got a lot to talk about + some events that happened today right before writing this segment! I'll be talking about some fun topical events that just happened!

The First topic is… I Watched the Film: One Piece RED!

For those who don't know, yes, I'm a One Piece fan.

That phrase alone may have disappointed some of you, but worry not! I'm not those types that will shove this series down your throat as the best thing ever, I'm sane!

Anyways, I stopped catching up with the One Piece anime around the time this film was released, for the reason that I wanted to stockpile episodes to watch all at once.

So, in an effort to catch up with this series again, I watched the 2 anime episodes to promote specials that were honestly, a little unremarkable… but it did give me a good impression of Uta, she was fun!

Then I watched the movie with mild expectations… What did I think about it?

Honestly, I thought it was a good film, and also a pretty good One Piece film.

Had great music, visuals, story, the characters were very well written and Uta's power was really interesting to see! Uta herself surprised me, she went in the complete opposite direction I thought, I was under the belief she was going to be a sidekick to the strawhats, not the antagonist of the film!

Guys, I think she lost it…

However, there was one thing I must address that felt jarring, Uta has 2 VAs, one for the normal acting and Ado (yes that Ado!) for the singing portion, and the switch between the two was not done very well… it didn't feel harmonious at all. Ado did an amazing job at the musical numbers!

Don't point at people Uta, it's bad!

It's a fun movie, I recommend it! That climatic final fight was very powerful in the emotions too!

The next topic is: Risk of Rain Returns!

I continued my adventures with this game, a very difficult adventure.

I decided to tackle more of the single-player challenges! These challenges usually are: A unique situation or gimmick, and you either have a goal to reach to win, completing it unlocks either an item/ skill/ skin for the survivor you played as!

The goals are not too difficult to reach most of the time, however, there's a higher goal that can be reached, crown goals! They require a lot of skill and usually are twice as hard to get, and all challenges have them!

So, I made my personal goal to reach the crown goal in all challenges!

It has been painful so far!

List of all challenges!

Those are all the trials so far, some of you may notice some symbols on them I doodled, let me explain:

The Green halos are challenges that were very fun and a bit challenging to crown!

The red devil horns are evil challenges that are very mean and terrible to crown because of RNG or clunky controls! So much evil that I decided to cheat them. I was getting frustrated that I decided to cheat those red horn ones, I was not having fun, and would not have any by achieving their crown, so I cheated.

But hey, everything else is still fun! They are very fun tests of skill!

The game is worth the price and more!

A lot is happening and it's hard for me to keep track!

This next topic will be a first in the blog, I'll be Doing a bit of Venting.

Despite this being my personal blog, I rarely talk about IRL things from my life, not because I'm opposed to it, far from it, I just think that those topics are rather boring, since nothing of great interest happens to me IRL.

But I decided to make a little segment to vent some of my recent emotions. You can skip this segment if that's not what you wish to read, don't worry, I wont be mad.

Before I start venting, some context first:

I don't have the best of relationships with my parents, and things have been a little hard for me lately due to work, family and health issues, all these factors heavily taxing my mind.

Lately my parents have been pestering me again about my future, and so I finally told them what I would be in the future, a Writer. Their response? They didn't give one, in fact, they ignored what I just said and continued their obnoxious talk about how I should study marketing and business to help them, thinking I'm some kind of puppet forever slaved to them. Although not saying outright, the message was clear, they won't not support me if I was going to be a writer.

Let me make this clear, my parents are not villains, far from it, they are very kind and caring people, despite their rough childhood being a little traumatic and filled with troubles. The problem I have is that they are very stubborn, they think the world works in a singular lane and never deviates from it, it's very annoying.

For years, they kept going on and on trying to guilt trip me to take a career path I would only hate because “It's what you should do”. It's tough and a complicated situation, not helped by my work being rather mentally taxing due to the holiday frenzy, and me getting mildly sick through it all. Made me wish sometimes that my parents would just forget I existed and left me be…

For years, they kept going on and on trying to guilt trip me to take a career path I would only hate because “It's what you should do”. It's tough and a complicated situation, not helped by my work being rather mentally taxing due to the holiday frenzy, and me getting mildly sick through it all. Made me wish sometimes that my parents would just forget I existed and left me be…

Oh well, I can only hope they realize one day that they would be much happier pursuing this writer's dream. I'll continue moving forward regardless of the outcome!

To not end this part in too much of a sad note, I would like to share this:

The Pudd council!

Miya made a new version of the Pudd doll!

This made an otherwise pretty terrible week not end on a bad note, made me happy, thanks bud.

Moving on from my IRL troubles, let's finish this segment talking a bit of Gacha Endeavours.

First off, an update on my Genshin Impact Navia funds!

I have been diligently saving all my wishes for her, and I'm at 90 wishes!

A lot of wishing!

Her banner drops on Tuesday, I'm hopeful that I'll get her and her weapon!

After that banner, I don't really have any character I want, so I'll focus on constellations and weapons for the characters I already own.

On the Honkai: Star Rail side of things, I spent the 70 rolls I saved up for Argentini, I thought he was a fun character and I had pretty much guaranteed chances to get him and his lightcone, because of the gacha hell that happened last time.

I got both him and his lightcone!

I Was very pleased with this outcome, glad it wasn't gacha hell 2.0.

I also managed to get almost 30 stars in the game's hardest content! I'm at 29 stars right now, and with some minmaxing, I can easily get 30/30 stars!

Beauty in competition.

And that is NOT everything for this segment!

That's right, there's a twist!

This was the original stopping point of this segment, but I really want to discuss some things that happened today!

To be more specific, the 1.6 Livestream for Honkai: Star Rail!

This was a blast to witness, there's a lot of content and fun things revealed that is beneficial for the entire game. But there's 3 things I want to touch on!

First, the Aeon of Erudition: Nous.


This is one of the “gods” of the game and it basically represents knowledge in the game!

We got to hear his voice in the trailer and it gave me tickles in my spine! It's a perfect mix between a machine and this mystical level mystery and creepiness. All the gods in this game, despite being followed by many characters, have this aura of creepiness and horror and I'm all for it!

I love how the trailer ends on a somber note, and IDK, the machine that knows more than anyone else in the universe talking about how no matter the distance, annihilation will find you is a bit worrying LMAO.

Second, the new permanent content makes me so happy, this patch is going to be revolutionary to the game!

And third final topic, A FREE LIMITED 5 STAR DR. RATIO?!?!?! WHAT!?

I'm still in shock!

I was thinking of pulling for him, but now I'm gonna get him without needing to pull!?

Amazing! Thank you Hoyoverse!

Star Rail rules!

And now that is all for this segment!


NATURE from the Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai Original Soundtrack made by Kikuo!

I've been listening to mostly calmer songs recently, because of the mentioned crisis I have been dealing with recently. This one has been a personal favorite, from the sweet and calming instruments to the soothing vocals, it always puts my mind at ease.

That's all for today's blog update!

Thank you for reading!

See you next time traveler!

Have a nice day!



Time for another update for my blog!

Did anyone else feel the gap between this and the previous update was a little too long?

Time felt way slower this time around.

Well, the 5th has arrived anyways, so let's begin!


There were a couple of pretty good changes to the all round The website! Starting off with:


Hanging around the entrance of the cove, you may see the most iconic characters from this website peeking behind the door!

You can see it yourself by clicking here!

I have also tweaked the text on that page to reflect the current state of the website, and to also make it more fun to read.

Thanks to Miya for the adorable Pudd gif.

Please go check their website out, they are very talented and deserve fame!

Please don't open the present. A dangerous creature lives there, as the sign dictates.

For the next set of changes, I have Rewrote Almost All Comments in the Links Page, and Added More Buttons!

The text above is self-explanatory.

I rewrote them to better reflect my feelings towards the website, and to also entice you, YES YOU, the reader to click the buttons!

There's so many wonderful websites out there, so please go see them!

I discovered many of the new websites via the Month's Featured Sites!

It's an amazing project to give the spotlight to more less well known websites here in Neocities. It made my hobby of exploring websites a lot easier and fun!

Please go share some love to the team behind that project!

And go give some love to the new buttons on my link page too!

Lastly, there were a Few Changes Here and There in many places to make the website more clean!

So let's talk about what's coming for the website this month, Holiday theme!

I'll be hard at work on the improved holiday theming to the website, with snowflakes and a lot of fun!

Last month I mentioned there was going to be a Phoenix Club side story this month, but this may not happen…

The story is pretty much ready to go, I just need to write it.

But work has been a heavy load on my mental state and time due to the end of the year holiday frenzy, so this may be a little too much for me. But I'll try!

That's all the changes for the website!

Puddoru for the imminent holiday vibes.



One-shot made by Yuto Sano.

! Warning: This One-shot covers VERY dark topics, viewer discretion is advised !

Synopsis: In this country, everyone was branded disposable and trash, and Orca wants you to get out of this hell with her sister.

Art and presentation: The art is fantastic and doesn't pull any punches either! You can feel how gritty and dystopian this world is, the characters' expressions are very powerful, and the action scenes feel super impactful.

Why you should read it: This one-shot takes place in a very dark and depressing world, we see many people struggling or doing terrible things to get them out of this world. Orca learned how to live in a world such as this, but instead seeking a selfish way out, he tries his best each day to gather enough money so he and his sister can get out of this hell. The lengths he's willing to go just to save his sister from this world is powerful, aspiring and beautiful.

That's why you should read it!

Score: 5/5! An amazing read with a super satisfying and emotional conclusion!


Now for the life things I have to talk about, here we go!

First topic is: Lethal Company is the Funniest Game I Played this Year!

I talked about this last post, so here's me again, on way to talk more about it!

The combination with regional voice chat, threats that you can only run from, an objective you have to accomplish, and multiplayer is just… TOO FUNNY!

I usually get the job of staying on the ship and guiding everyone in the facility using the camera and radio systems. I think people call this role “Ship Princess” or something like that… I like this job, management is fun for me, so I don't mind it!

I got a funny clip to share about me and my friend's experience while exploring one of the hardest planets in the game!

I made it into a tiny video and put subtitles and other extra things for more fun! For some reason my recording didn't capture my microphone, so you'll be hearing audio from my friends recording!

Moving on, I got to play the Online Coop Beta for The Binding of Isaac: Repentance!

The creators of the game decided to do a live public online coop beta test for the game.

I played it and…

It worked surprisingly better than I thought it would! Ever since the announcement, my first thought was that it would turn into a complete car crash and it would take months to get stable, but to my astonishment, it worked perfectly! You can even play with random people in lobbies!! And the best part, most people are very communicative, despite the lack of communication tools!!!

It was super fun playing it, even if my save file was thrown into a limbo, where I have everything unlocked but no progression marks.

Me and the squad doing the boss rush. (We did win and not all die)

Now for something smaller, the First 30 Minutes of Crosscode!

I have known about this game since a long time ago when I saw its demo on Gamejolt, and bought it last year, but instead of playing it, I just left it to catch dust in my library…

But not anymore!

I decided to pick the game… for 30 minutes…

I'll continue playing it though, the gameplay feels super fluid, the story interesting and the world very curious. The pixel art is amazing too!

I won’t let it catch dust this time!

And for the final topic for today: Risk of Rain Returns

I bought this game after a friend of my recommended us both to buy and play it (The same one I played Risk of Rain 2 with).

People Have been saying this is one of the best roguelikes to come out in recent time, and it really is!

It's a remake of the first game with new content and oh man, it rules!

It's frenetic, fun and actually a really pretty 2d game! I have only played about 3 hours so far, and they were a freaking blast in multiplayer.

The game is very hard, has a lot of content and also has a lot of side things to do, so I'll be spending a lot more hours on it for sure!

This game challenge pays homage to Castlevania, that is really cool!

That covers everything I have been up to recently!


The song of the day is Teo by Omoi.

This song's instrumental is just insanely good, paired with the way Hatsune Miku is tuned and sings, it's just amazing!

And that's everything for this blog update!

As we speak, I'm experiencing the work hell that is the End of the Year Holiday Frenzy.

Last year was worse than this year, but it still is pretty tiring for my brain and body. I have been arriving home pretty tired with little motivation to do anything.But I'll live through and try to deliver on the side chapter for Phoenix Club!

The Christmas theme will for sure come to the website!

That's all for today!

Thank you for reading!

See you next time traveler!

Have a nice day!