Merry Christmas everyone!

This one will be rather short status update!

Haven't had time to do anything the entire week, so buuuuuusy.

But I hope I can get back to adding stuff to the website soon!

The song I choose today is Worldwide Wander, mega fun song!

Who needs to breath in space



The 15th has arrived, and now, the website is fully Christmas themed!

Enjoy Festivities and the holiday vibes!

I'm still trying to find a way to include a jukebox for the website

That's probably the next big thing I'm going to add

I have also reworked the "Media" page ( For the 3rd time ) now known as Misc

It will be basically a place where I put all the random stuff I do or made!

For the other news, not much has happened the past 10 days, aside from me finishing reading Dropkick on My Devil and started to read Yuru Yuri ( which is mega funny ).

The song of the day is Let's Go at My Pace from Yuru Yuri, great series, go read or watch it!

Just blue background lol



Theses Past 10 days have been somewhat hectic for me!

Let's start with website news, Snowflakes! They are now falling!

In later date I'll actually theme the website colors for christmas, but right now enjoy snowflakes :)

Been planning on adding a jukebox to the website as well, but that's plans for the future, seems complex.

In other news, I'm almost done with Persona 5 Royal! It has been such an amazing experience and very fun, I can't wait to finish it!

Worth every single penny spent on it!

Been reading a lot of Dropkick On My Devil, really enjoying it too!

I also Gaslighted got a friend into reading yuru yuri, and they are really enjoying it, that's fun

The song of the day is Whims Of Fate from Persona 5, hearing it for the first time was so great~~

That's me so true.