I can't say for sure to you if this is really happening, or if it's just another thing my brain does to me. Maybe you can relate to this experience, but I doubt it.

I recall a handful of times where I heard noises in my home, even though I'm the only one that lives there. The last time this happened has been ages ago, 6 months maybe?

Anyways, I woke up after a very strange dream in the middle of the night. On my way to the bathroom, walking in the corridor, I... I hear the noises, noises of walking on those same floors I was, but they weren't mines.

It felt like I was walking with other people to the... bathroom?


Do I recall any of this happening more recently?

Nothing really comes to mind, I have woken up from strange dreams many times, but I don't recall the noises happening. Maybe they really happened at those times too, but my brain did not register those noises...?


I don't think so, the house I'm living in is not old or known to be haunted, It's just a regular normal house. Nothing really to be noted on, the outside of it just blends in with the neighborhood.

It's almost time? Alright, let's wrap up for today, thank you for listening to me. I'll think about it more. These things have been getting to my mind, giving me uncertainty, making me afraid.

But I don't know why these things make me afraid. Am I doing something wrong?

I thought we were your friends.