I sometimes wonder about my earliest memories. I mean, I had a fairly standard childhood, nothing much that made me different from other kids, very by the book as one would be. With maybe a hint of like, too much curiosity.

Friends, studies, family, all were there, but there's one thing that always keeps bugging me. It makes me feel very... I don't know, lost?


Yea, I should just say instead of rambling.

I was talking to 3 kids that were very familiar to me, and felt like I knew them for a long time. Discussing a new game one of them discovered on the internet. Most of us were skeptical of what he was saying, apparently it didn't make much sense. But the kid managed to convince the others of doing too. I was not, I felt very unsure about it, afraid even.

"Come on, when are you going to stop chickening out?"

"Yea, stop being a scaredy cat."

"I bet it won't even work."

That's what they said to me.

After this point the memory becomes even fuzzier, I remember saying that I would do it. They asked me to bring something the next day, it was very important to the game, but I can't remember what they asked or what they even said.


The worst part is that... After that point in my memory lane, I'm unable to recall anything that happens. It feels like I skipped days of my life, and I never noticed it. Were the memories of that time somehow removed?

It's not like you to forget this.