Who is Sakurako Ohmuro?

Sakurako Ohmuro is a character from the Yuru Yuri series and the protagonist of the spin-off series: Oomuro-ke.

She's a kind, cheerful, very loud, bit selfish and (future) member of the student council!

Here's some other awesome traits:

  • She's very dumb;

  • She's very lazy, often forced to do homework by her childhood friend Himawari;

  • She can be very prideful;

  • She has a very short-term memory, often forgetting things she just heard;

  • She's terrible at her school duties;

  • She is also very gullible, believes almost anything she is told about;

  • She’s very dumb too.

What's that?

Those are not good traits to have?

Well yeah, you are correct!

Why You Care About Her.

(Not A Question)

Now I hear you asking: Pudding, why do you like this character?

Here's why!

Despite these questionable qualities, she is shown to deeply care for her friends and siblings, and would never actively hurt them!

This is shown by how far she is willing to go to ensure her little sister Hanako is happy:

Hanako felt left out because everyone had kigurumi pijama except her, to make Hanako happy Sakurako made sure to win one at the arcade for her little sister, no matter the cost!

Despite having so many flaws, she still cares for the people she loves!

She is also unbelievably funny to watch and read!