Who is Hanasato Minori?

Hanasato Minori is a character from the game Project


She's an idol from the group called MORE MORE JUMP!

She specializes in making catchphrases.

Her favorite food is salmon! (not microwave exploded kind!)

Why should you forfeit all mortal possessions to Minori?

Ever since she was a child, she had bad luck.

One day after messing up in a competition, Minori stayed home out of fear and guilt that her classmates would get angry at her.

She was very sad, until she saw what was playing in the TV, she saw an idol named Haruka singing on a big stage.

Minori was able to feel encouraged and determined again from Haruka's words, "Tomorrow will always be a better day".

Inspiring her to become an idol just like her and to never give up on it, even if she fails over 50 auditions.

It was with this passion and determination to never give up, that Minori was able to bring 3 former idols together and form the group MORE MORE JUMP!