Monster Below the Red Night Sky

I was seeing a cop go around taxing everyone that left stuff on the streets, just lightly spying and over hearing things. The way he was doing it was kinda pushy but he was trying to do the right thing.

Until he got close to a massive mansion.

The mansion had a garden area that went in an open arc to the mansion, this garden had height layers on the sides, with the forth and final layer going as high as the second floor balcony of the mansion. Aside from that, it was quite plain, it had no flowers or anything, just grass. A big gate was the thing keeping this garden away from the people of the streets.

Back to the cop, he was at the door of a building beside this mansion. It was a tall modest looking building that was connected to that mansion, nothing too notable from it.

He was taxing someone that threw some mattresses at the street close to a tree. The guy he was taxing acted like, super worried that his boss wouldn't like this and to let it slide, but the cop wasn’t buying his act and kept pushing. At one point, the guy would drop subtle threats to the cop, but the cop insisted that he was ready for anything.

I made the decision to sneakily enter the modest building while they were talking.


I don't know, I felt compelled probably.

Hiding in the shadows I continued to watch.

The guy finally conceded and paid the cop, going inside in a very speedy and quiet manner. Seemed like he didn’t notice me. He was murmuring threats to the cop while walking to the stairs.

- I don't have much memory of me going through the inside of the building, so fast forwarding a bit. -

The afternoon sun was setting.

I found myself at one of the top layers of the mansion's garden, it was really high, I could see all of the garden from this height. I noticed that the cop was walking through the garden to the ringing bell of the mansion.

He pressed the bell, nothing happened. Until a few moments later, at the balcony of the second floor, the same guy that was taxed earlier appears with a gun.

For some reason he jumps from the balcony while aiming down prepared to shoot the cop below him. I yelled to the cop to look up, but it seemed like he already knew how to react and dodged all the bullets by throwing himself to the left. So the guy just missed every shot and crashed into the ground. It was safe to assume he was dead, no one survives a fall like that.

I stayed where I was while the cop was doing his protocol of closing the scene from the public and going through everything before leaving.

Right after he left, I noticed something buried underground passed by him and went directly to the body of the guy that jumped. When it reached him, it stopped moving.

It was night at this point and the cop just came back to do something.

The night sky was beginning to have a dark red color to it and the atmosphere was getting heavy. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but it wasn’t anything good that’s for sure

So I silently started to make my way through the layers to get to the gate. Then I noticed that two things buried underground came from the corpse. One going directly to the cop and the other to the gate. That’s when I yelled to the cop for him to look down and I made a mad dash jumping from layer to layer to reach the first layer.

Reaching the first layer, I made the jump from it through the gate directly to the empty streets.

When I looked back, I saw the same guy that jumped from the balcony, jumping from the ground right in front of the cop. He was easily two times bigger and stronger then what he was before, and his eyes were completely black-out, only his red iris visible through the darkness.

After seeing that, I decided to not look back anymore and used all my strength to close the gate. But it was futile, the second monster buried underground popped out and effortlessly opened the gate.

This one was far smaller, it was lankier, but still strong enough to push a gate of that size without problem. It had the same black-out eyes, but this time it had a green iris.

I started to run as that thing started to make a dash for me. After running for a bit, I saw a tree growing out of the concrete, it was completely dead looking and had red lines passing through it, and shooting dark red light beams from its branches to the sky. Close to its roots, there was a big eyeball looking thing that looked like it was being protected by said roots.

I don’t know why I did this but.

I gave a good strong kick right in the middle of the eyeball and then it disappeared. After that, the tree began to wither and die.

But things weren’t over yet, the monster was getting closer to me and I started to run again. I began to lose steam and the thing never stopped for a second. I saw that the monster had something in his hands that he was going to throw at me.

It was at this moment I reached into my pocket and grabbed a medal that was inside it.

While running, I put it close to my chest and closed my eyes. I started saying “Don’t forget, don’t forget…” multiple times very fast to it.

I get hit by something in my back, it was a very powerful hit.

But when I open my eyes...


I find myself in my own bed, I just woke up from that nightmare lol.

An anti-climatic ending but, I choose to believe that, right after getting hit, the medal time traveled my consciousness back to the very start of that day where I woke up.

It was a deliberate artistic decision of my subconscious.