Living In Mykonos Town For a Day

I was a teenager, exiting a train that I didn’t know the reason I took. I had no idea where I was, the station’s map only showed gibberish and a bunch of lines that didn’t make sense, completely lost. The station was normal at least, it seemed like everyone else knew where they were and their destination.

It wasn’t too bad, I managed to find the exit.

Taking a step outside, I was immediately blinded by the shiny rays of the sun, coming from such a dark station and confronting the sun is not easy. After my vision recovered, I was bewildered by what I saw, all the houses, with these old structures, yet shining so vibrantly with the great blues and whites they were all painted with. And not too far, the ocean was there, with the strong blues and sparkly water that it is known for.

Walking around this place was an amazing experience, it’s so calming, the birds flying over, the people, it was the perfect place to take a vacation.

Eventually, while the afternoon was passing, I found myself in an alley, and noticed some kids playing tag. I saw them enter one of the houses, it seemed unfinished, it had no doors or windows, just holes where they were supposed to be.

I decided to enter it and see what was inside it.

There was nothing, it was completely empty, no furniture, the colors inside were washed out, there was a cobweb in one of the corners, made by the little spider that was on it. The only source of light coming from the hole where the windows should’ve been. The house also looked bigger from the outside, it was only 3 rooms that varied in sizes, It also had a back entrance for some reason.

Taking that exit, I found myself in a Y-intersection, a pharmacy splitting the road into two while the afternoon sun was setting.

I don’t remember which road I took, but I ended up on the beach. I decided to sit down and just watch the beautiful vision on display, the sun setting, the oranges reflecting on the ocean water that always sparkled…


There's not much to comment on this one, waking up I felt the same. But I have suspicions that the dream was inspired by Apotos from Sonic Unleashed.