Floods and Crash Bandicoots

It was at an unknown time, I was visiting the city of my family relatives, they lived very far from the capital where we just landed from a flight from, about six hours of pure road driving to reach our relatives. It was a far away destination, not even the scenes you see through the window of a car would help satiate the boredom, it consisted of few man made structures here and there but the overwhelming majority was nature showing its beauty to the beholder of such vision. Six hours is still a long time to wait, so it didn’t take long before the sights became stale and I fell asleep, only waking up after the trip was over.

After unpacking all the baggage and moving around a bit to warm up the body that sat still for 6 hours, I decided to go for a walk around the tiny city that just felt more like a big village, seeing what was new since the half a year we were here. There wasn’t much new this time, it was mostly the same houses and tiny markets with the same colors I saw last time.

Unfortunately, I seemed to have lost track of the weather while taking this walk and observing the surroundings. The sky was taken over by these dark clouds that were ready to cry a downpour, and so they did. I quickly jumped on to one of the elevated steps of the house closest to me and just witnessed as the water hitting the roads began to form a lake and quickly rose very close to the altitude I was watching with safety. In an attempt to seek further shelter from the aggressive inundation that was happening, I twisted the door knob of the house and to my surprise, the door was unlocked, and ever weirder, the house was completely empty, there was nothing but darkness inside, not a single trace of a human that lived here.

After waiting for a bit, the skies became light blue again, and the streets that were devastated by the rain instantly turned dry and clean, it was like they weren’t affected at all by it. I gently closed the door and left the empty house be, maybe the owner didn’t finish moving to it, I thought.

As soon as I took a step on the road, in a blink of an eye, I was in my room, almost as if that trip never took place. In front of me was my monitor. It had a game currently running on it,it was The Sims 4, but all the characters were replaced with the character Crash from Crash Bandicoot series. They were all equal to each other, the only difference being their height according to their age in the game.

I decided to take control of the game and watched the family of Crashs that were selected. It was a nuclear family, two tall Crashs and one small Crash i assumed was the child, they lived a fairly modest life in a two story house. They had a visitor today, another Crashs like them. They invited him to the living room and all of them began to eat during this meeting. Until something goes wrong, I can’t tell what went wrong but the family all got up and cornered the guest close to the fireplace of the room and started to do spin attacks on him. They were attacking and beating up their guest for reasons I couldn’t even comprehend…


And that’s where I woke up, in general one of the wildest dreams I had. I think I know the reason why the later half of the dream went bananas. At the time I was watching a series of a modded The Sims 4 game from the streamer Jabroni Mike and right before bed, I watched this meme video and somehow the two got mangled into the mess you just read lol.