Basement Temptation

I was walking down some long stairs, going to the basement of this place I don't remember about. At the end of the stairs was a hallway, a loooooong hallway. Its walls, floor and ceiling were made out of this dark wood, almost like I was suddenly inside a wooden house. It felt familiar, and reminded me of the home of my childhood.

The hallway was a little too small for comfort, and it didn't open to anything on the sides, the only path it led was forward. And so I began my walk towards the end.

It opened up to a slightly bigger, dimly lit, square-shaped room, this room seemed to be a small depository. There were piles of silk, cloth and jean fabric all around the corners, super very disorganized. But the left corner in front didn't have a pile of these fabrics, instead it was an opening for the next room. I could hear sounds coming from that opening in the wall, but I couldn't recognize them, it was a bit alarming but I continued forward that way.

A short hallway divided the two rooms, it didn't have any lighting.

The second room was a massive place, the ceiling went high up, and it was an entrance to a maze. This room that otherwise would've been empty, was a maze where the walls were made of the same materials I saw on the precious room, said walls, just high enough that I couldn't see ahead by jumping. The dim lights didn't help either.

But I wasn't there for long, the sounds I heard became much clearer, they were footsteps! Looking around, I saw people with various sharp objects in their hands, walking in an unnatural manner, almost like robots following a set path. Their faces were not one I recognize too.

I chose to be on the side of caution and retreated back to the previous room, there was no way I would enter that maze without a plan of escape. I stopped and thought about what I should do, after all, this tiny room felt safe compared to the maze ahead. This safety wouldn't last however, I began to hear footsteps from the connecting corridor of the maze.

Scared, I tried to go back to the long hallway, but the entrance was gone. In its place was a wall, making it feel like that entrance was never there to begin with.

When I looked back, a person was standing by the only exit. They had a plate of food in their hand, the food looked delicious and felt that it was just prepared.

They carefully placed the dish on the ground, with all the patience in the world. After doing it, they reached for their pocket and pulled out a box cutter and showed it to me.

Implying, I could have the meal, but there would be consequences to my actions. These things completely flew over my head; however, I was very hungry… too hungry….

I didn't resist the temptation, and carefully reached for the plate, extending my hand very slowly to it.



I woke up before anything happened to me. Anticlimactic, I know, but hey that's the nature of dreams.

This is a very interesting dream, not from its contents, but rather, it's one of the few moments where my body needs had a direct effect in the dream.

That day, when I got home, I was super tired and just went to bed to sleep, no eating or any of the house duties. The last meal I had was 2 hours before going to bed, and it was just 2 simple bananas! My body needed sustenance to say the least.

My body's needs ended up making my decisions in the end. This is not the first time something like this has happened, but it's rare enough that I thought it would be interesting to share.

Another thing to note is that when I woke up, the top of my left hand was a bit scratchy. An omen of that dream's ending I assume.

(Also, don't worry I did eat after waking up, a very tasty complete sandwich!)